Friday, February 2, 2018



Ken and Nigel were repairing the steps at the start of the footpath that leads up the hill to the rear of St Michael's Church at Cornholme, Todmorden.

Before work, some steps were missing, others had collapsed due to rotten stobs

Rotten timbers near the middle of the flight

Looking down the flight of steps before work

Three steps were replaced in the middle and two new steps were inserted at the bottom

The three replaced steps

Looking down from the top. There is still another step to go in at the bottom-but we ran out of time...and nails. Have informed the neighbouring house that we shall be back to do some finishing work. They thanked us for the work and we thanked them for the coffee!


Gerald, Frank S, Eleanor, Ruth, Ginny and Mick worked at Ashenhurst on a path that may be familiar to many, trying again to improve the drainage and make a way through the mud!

Gerald and Frank dug a trench and put stones in useful places

Eleanor, Ruth and Ginny cut back the brambles  and dug trenches

Then Mick joined us and channelled the source into a stream heading down the hillside

It will soon dry out (we hope) and you can tell we worked hard!