Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Location : Greystone Farm Pex tenements 
CROWS : Fred, Richard J, Terry, Dick, Dave, Graham,Bernard and Gerald
Task : Cutting back, drainage and some waymarking

Weather: Sunny and fairly warm.

The path had obviously not had any work done on it for some while. It was overgrown and the ditch channelling the water away was overgrown, full of vegetation and in some parts blocked by stones which had fallen from collapsed walls.

 Most of us started cutting back with Bernard doing his best with the strimmer.

We eventually found the ditch and began clearing from the bottom end (perhaps a mistake in hindsight).

 This is where the stream goes into a pipe which goes under the road. This has the potential of blocking a the diameter is small and the pipe entrance is quite low in the ditch and easily blocks with silt and other debris brought down by the water.

In some areas the drainage on the path was so bad that we cut sideways into the overgrowth to widen the path.

                          These were the size of stones we were getting out of the ditch.

Eventually we managed to get a flow of water but that only managed to take more debris downstream.

                            This is the area we will continue work on next Wednesday.

                                                    Two before and after pictures:

Fred inspecting.

Checking out the finished section.

Two more Before.

The Golden Trowel Award Winner making a start.
What we were up against, Dick finding the turn by ditches.

Thats what you call overgrown.
Bernard at Full Throttle.

Richard in the mud.
A good days work in the sunshine by a great team.
Thank you guys.