Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Location : Junction of Pennine Way/ Calderdale Way Hebble Hole Colden Valley.

Task : Erection of waymark post, refit damaged post, clear Causey paths, repair drains and cut back overhanging vegetation.

Volunteers attending : Dick, Dave, Gerald, Bernard, Ginny, Fred, Graham, Richard P, Richard J.

Someone burned the Waymark post.

The discs are here somewhere. 

Bernard itching to get off on the job.

Start of the Causey path that needed exposing/ clearing.



Further along the path Bilberry and Bracken needed cutting back.

Looking better already.

Steps above Hebble Hole Bridge after clearing.
How  many Packhorse's did it take to make those grooves in the rock?

The gang in action.

Bernard, Gerald and Fred.

A job well done.

A nice clean Causey path.

Nearly there.

Top and Bottom, Dick and Dave.

Finishing off.

Finishing the task at the top of the stairs.

We were in the sun all day, not bad for late October.

A before and after photo