Saturday, October 25, 2014

Location : Shaw Green, Todmorden
CROWS : Gerald, Mick, Richard J, Ginny, Trish and Terry

Task : Cutting back on footpaths, widening one section of footpath and some drainage work.

When we came across the stile initially it was very overgrown and the site was very boggy due to water flowing under the actual stile.

The source of the water was a pipe which ran under the road above draining the fields higher up the hill.

We first cleared this section of the stream.

The next job was to divert the stream away from the stile which we did by channelling the water and directing it through a hole in the wall.

 The stile was very slippery but gravel from the stream and a pair of hefty boots soon cleaned that up.

The path widening was on a footpath through Whittonstall Clough. The vegetation had overgrown the path to the extent it was impassable in safety. After clearing away the vegetation and cutting back into the banking we managed to widen and level the footpath.