Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Todmorden Centenary Way

Path below Keelham Farm drainage works. Path flooding due to a broken sheep fence in the stream bed collecting debris and diverting water onto the pathway.

                                           Richard J, Bernard, Dave, Fred Gerald & Graham.
Richard, Dave & Gerald making a start.

The first flooded section.

We had to dig out the stream bed.

Bernard's sort of job.

Can you spot him in his new Cam trousers?

Fred and Richard digging out.

High speed Richard who was in charge of the gang today.

Looking better already.

We also diverted the path slightly and relocated
the marker post.

We also checked out the small field Well
 that was overflowing onto the path.

Not enough hands left to collect mushrooms on the way back
we carried around four tools each plus rucksacks
but we may return later.