Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Location : Todmorden
CROWS : Graham, Gerald, Dick, Dave, Richard J and Terry
Task : Cutting back and drainage

The work involved a little cutting back on the path at the beginning but the major jobs were two sections of muddy path that needed a great deal of thought and hard work.

The basic problem was soil that had washed down the hillside onto a clay based footpath creating a muddy mess.

Initially, the cutting back was just a large holly bush which had overgrown the path.

 It was decided that if we cut back the undergrowth and widened the path we could then remove the mud and leave the sunken path as a drainage channel.

 Into this we cut some turnbyes to try and drain off any future water.

 The second drainage section turned out to be even worse with deep mud with interspersed stepping stones covered in mud.

Dick sorting out the stepping stones.

We cleared the mud from the stones and creating a drainage channel through gaps in between the stones.

Dave , Dick and Terry sorting out the drains.

Richard cutting back the Holly.

View from the top of the path looking south east.