Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Location : Hardcastle Crags
CROWS : Bernard, Gerald, Richard J, Graham, Fred and Terry
Task : To put in revetment on both sides of the pathway and fill with stones.

Fred started to work with Richard J supervising.

Bernard helped with the revetment.

Gerald and Graham started to widen the path to the 1m required.

The inside rail was then fixed making sure the lengths were parallel and level.

Fred broke up the stone to fill in between the boards to give the path a firm base. Apologies for the blurred photo but you know how quick Fred works.

 The final covering was gravel left over from the previous years work which Gerald, Fred and I barrowed down to the site from the road.

The final pathway is a substantial addition to the footpath network.

Richard J tidied the soil we had dug out to make the job complete.

Until Bernard decided it needed more tamping down.