Friday, August 22, 2014

Location : Gorpley Clough Todmorden
CROWS : Lynda, Ruth, Gerald, Peter, Ginny, Mick and Terry
Task : Repair, replace and repaint the way marker posts across the moor from the reservoir to the road.

The task was to repair/replace and repaint the way marker posts across the moor.

Some of them as you can see had been hammered into the ground so much we had to dig them out however we only had the crow bar!!!!

 After a good 20 minutes we gave up......................and put a new post next to the old one.

 This one we decided from the outset just to hammer even further into the ground.

Ginny then set about painting the post tops.

 We obviously tried to place the posts in strategic positions so they could be seen from the last and next post.

Here we could see 5 marker posts.

Here we could see 7.......................