Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drainage and cutting back on Windle Hill, Cragg Vale

Six of us out today. Bernard, Dick, Gerald,Graham, Dave and Richard P.

The path along Windle Hill has some of the best views in the area. The path was very overgrown in places with mainly Hawthorn, Birch  and Holly which we cut back all the way along.

There were also several spots where water from field drains were seeping over the path causing erosion and muddy pools. These were all channelled as you can see in the photos below (they might not look good at the moment but will do when they dry out).

We also scraped a short section that was really squelchy, but with no sign of the source of the water

The biggest problem was about 5 metres of the path being almost impassable because of mud. The water source was finally tracked down and fed in to an old drain that we cleared. It should work, but we will have to go back and put in a pipe as there are cattle around. We laid some stones on the path surface until the area dries out (will take some time).

 The water source

 The rediscovered drain

The final problem we dealt with was a tree that had fallen across the path, it takes a lot of people to do that!

                                                                           A great day.