Friday, June 20, 2014

Location : Ripponden
CROWs : Eleanor, Peter, Gerald, Barbara, Ruth and Terry

Task : as the path was so long Ruth decided to split the group into two, one group working from the bottom upwards, the other from the top downwards. Hoping the meet somewhere in the middle.

This as you can see is an overgrown bridleway that obviously hasn't seen a horse for some time. Although we did think we may find one in the long grass.

After some initial work it was obvious this was going to be a long hard slog.

Even the signpost needed some TLC from Barbara, well a wire brushing in this case. Whatever, it worked, not that horses will be able to read it anyway.

Our intrepid leader set off into the undergrowth.............

With slashers and shears working in perfect harmony the grass, nettles, bracken and brambles were soon hacked away and a paved path emerged from the undergrowth.

Section after section as we worked our way down the hill in an attempt the meet the other group working from below.

Barbara and I left this section after we disturbed a bee colony who were not pleased.......................

We eventually did meet up with the other group but they appeared to be very short in the leg.

They had however uncovered a section of paved causeway which was rather slippery due to water seeping out from the adjoining fields.