Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Location : Hardcastle Crags Riverside Footpath : Day 1
CROWs : Graham, Richard J, Dave, Dick, Bernard, Gerald and Terry

Task : The original idea was to consider putting gabions in the river bed to create a new barrier for the footpath which had been undercut by the flood waters last year. However, Dave decided that we could lift some of the rocks from the river to form a barrier and then fill the void behind with smaller stones and gravel from the river.

Bernard and Gerald set about moving the boulders as Dave supervised. 

Buckets were filled with gravel from the river bed.

 The pathway was filled with the gravel and levelled off.

The second section was in much the same state of repair as the first. So again large rocks were taken from the river and placed to support a new footpath above created from smaller stones and gravel taken from the river.

You see, Dave's idea was a good doubters!!!!!