Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Keighley Road Steps Day 1

Location : Hebden Bridge
CROWs : Gerald, Fred, Richard T, Dick, Dave, Bernard and Terry
Task : construct a staircase of steps from the road

As you can see the work started right from the roadside requiring a platform at the bottom and a staircase of steps up to the trees.

The ground was muddy and full of stones.

The path turns to the right by the tree and over a small stream.

The idea was to put a walkway across the stream......................... connect it to the path further up the hillside.

As you can image the mud and the steep hillside presented a number of problems.

Dick and Dave set to work and the staircase begins to emerge from the platform at the bottom.

Bernard meanwhile clears out the stream whilst looking for stones and gravel for infill for the steps.

Meanwhile Gerald and Richard start on the top section of steps.

The walkway begins to take shape across the stream.

As the path progresses upwards.

The stream has been cleared and the stones used as hardcore for the steps.

The walkway is completed to join up with the top steps.

The bottom staircase is still needs work doing at the top. As does the section between the steps top and the walkway.

As we were getting ready to leave the first walkers trialled our work.