Friday, May 23, 2014

Daisy Bank Mytholmroyd

Location : Cragg Vale
CROWs : Barbara, Gerald and Terry
Task : Clearing a footpath and repairing a stile

Initially the work involved clearing mud from the footpath

........ and cutting back undergrowth

..........then clearing a set of steps covered in mud and vegetation

.......... at the top we found a wooden turn-by covered in vegetation

.......... but leading from there we uncovered a continuation to the steps again covered in undergrowth.

.......... these we cleared and developed the turn-by.

.......... we found another wooden turn-by at the top of the second set of steps which we uncovered and extended in an effort to take the water course away from the steps.

On the tops above the wood we came across a stile which needs a lot of work doing. The main right hand post has rotted away and as you can see the top rail needs fixing to the new post. Gerald tied it up as an interim measure.

The second stile further on has two rails missing and one badly rotted (see photo).

The top step also needs replacing as well as the top two rails.
The 3 rails need to be 36 inches in length and drilled for the nails otherwise some better nails. 
The top step could be made up of 4 x 19.5 inch rails.

We would have replaced the rails but the new claw hammer we used to take out the nails bent (take crowbar in future).
* I thought CROWs were going to buy 'good' tools.

As the rain began to pour down Barbara repaired the footpath sign and we set off back to the car.