Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More drainage work on the Fielden Trail.

As you can see the ground was incredibly boggy

Many of the stones in the pack horse trail were covered with grass and mud

We attempted to create gullies for the water to run  off but this was difficult in some places due to the rocky surface

The water was running off the hillside above the path causing more problems

This section as you can see was completely underwater

 So we started by digging large channels off to the side for the excess water to flow into

You can see here the amounts of mud we had to move

We then cleared between the stones to create routes for the water to travel

As you can see the water began to drain away quite successfully

 Further along the path we had to uncover the ditch which ran alongside the wall

The water began to flow off the path

However, the next section for Friday's group will not be as easy as you can see there are pools of water completely covering the path