Friday, November 15, 2013

Sam Hill Trail in Ryburn Valley

Painting waymarker post

Allocation of jobs

Repairing the bottom rail of the fence which had fallen off and blocked the natural run-off for rainwater below the style

This is what it looked like before our cutting back and drainage work

This is the same stretch after an hours work

Repairing and re-setting a rotten finger post

This is part of the Calderdale Way would you believe?

As work continued a flagged path was found below the mud and grass

This continued into the next field

We thought this may be the case further up the hillside

This is the same path after some CROWs hard work

We uncovered the original path which ran beside the wall but as you can see walkers had created a new footpath to the side

Everyone enjoyed a well earned rest at lunchtime


As you can see the path disappears off into the distance and we estimate there is another days work at least beyond the trees