Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Paul and Frank continued with the 22nd Nov 2017 task of stabilising and improving the 'desire-line' path at the 'back of The Crag'.
An existing, narrow, sloping path was widened and supported on the slippery downward side by revetment. Steps were added to prevent further erosion and improve access.

Stage One: Two sections of revetment constructed (poor photo quality due to murky conditions)

Stage Two: Path widened, three steps added and downslope banked.

Where does this path go? As the photo below shows, to a rocky scramble; and then upwards over safer ground, to the top of The Crag.

The 'scramble' is a bit trickier than the photo suggests, although it was easily negotiated by an elderly pensioner, with two artificial hips, carrying the additional burdens of a rucksack and two trekking poles! It may not, however, be suitable for the average Sunday afternoon stroller!

Further down the path was widened and some revetment added to stabilise the route at a point just below the steps that were installed in November.

There is more that could be done on this route, but any further work will depend on the wishes of the National Trust.

The other team went to Windle Hill to deal with several drainage problems. This is part of the route of the CLDWA route for the Hebden event in January.

A drain that was discovered under the undergrowth