Friday 10 November 2023

TODMORDEN - Bottomley area

Today's team from Todmorden (Mick, Ginny, Neil Mc, Ian V, Catherine and Kasher) were all initially working in the same place. Mick and Gareth had surveyed this area last week and today the six- strong team went back to sort out the major drainage issue from Rough Stone to the top of Peacock Lane on Tod 144.

We were all well equipped with wellies and waterproof leggings. . .  although, with hindsight, waders may have been more appropriate!

We have tried to direct the water into one channel alongside the wall and have added revetment to limit the amount that can cascade over the track. We will need to come back with more timber to complete this task. 

We cleared out the main drain so that water could escape more easily and dealt with the blocked grills, in the stream coming down the hillside, to reduce back up and overflow.

Catherine and Kasher then went down to Tod 187 to clear the gate near Dean Royd Bridges. This path does not look well-used but the cutting back and the way marking we have done may now encourage the more adventurous!

We would like to thank the residents of the house near to Tod 144 for allowing us to park on their driveway.

Today's work has been funded by Little Box Consulting Ltd. Many thanks.


There have been changes to the drainage and watercourse somewhere upstream of Tod 144 so this track, which until recently was mown grass, is now full of soft rush and hides a flow of water. Previous attempts to solve this problem have had limited success.

Today, we have made a start to the job of channelling the water so as to limit the over-spill onto the track but we will need to return to complete this task. 

On our Spring "to do" list is strimming the soft rush ((which will have less chance of taking hold now the standing/slow flowing water has been re-directed) and removing the ever-problematic Himalayan Balsam. 

The stream which has 'appeared' on Tod 144.

Tod 144: overgrown and wet. Very wet!

Ginny, the drainage guru, creating a drainage channel.

Ian V and Neil Mc installing revetments
to channel the water.

The water now has a dedicated route so the
surrounding area will have a chance to dry out.

The end of today's session: the water
 is constrained . .  at least in part!

Catherine and the gate before starting work . . .

. . . and after!