Wednesday, 22 June 2022


On a beautiful mid-summers day, Ginny, Jan, Nick, Ray and Rich, had permission to drive up with the required tools and materials to the Upper Walshaw Reservoir dam, to work on a section of the Pennine Way. 

After having our accreditation checked by the local farmer and then the gamekeeper, we were able to trundle our tools and materials by wheelbarrow to the site and set to work.

Ginny checked on the drainage work previously done (working well) before making an early exit.

Jan and Ray set to work on a badly eroded slope on the path which needed improved drainage and steps to be constructed to solve the issue.

The problem...

Four steps added, several hot hours of work later...

Tools and materials delivered by wheelbarrow...

Who's idea was it to move the big stones to use as steps?  That was never going to happen!

In the meantime, Nick and Rich, moved down along the Pennine Way to the Widdop Road. 

Fallen hawthorn tree cut back, six gullies cleared out and ten waymarks put up. 

We all met up again to install a missing marker post close to the car park.

This completes all the work on the Walshaw section of the Pennine Way - several longstanding problems sorted so very satisfying.

  Today's work on the Pennine Way was funded by Natural England and Calderdale Council Highways.