Wednesday, 11 May 2022

TODMORDEN - Windy Harbour

On a typical May morning, ie wet and with limited visibility, Fred and Kasher went to Windy Harbour to work on the stile adjacent to The Wizard. This stile is at the top of Todmorden 020, a Todmorden Centenary Way link path, which drops down towards East Whirlaw Farm.

The legs on this stile were loose, partially because of the positioning of a short grab rail. After managing to move to one side a very large stone step (which turned out to be a broken gate post) we realised that, unfortunately, we would have replace the legs of this stile.

The rotten and very short legs were removed on both sides of the stile and new, longer legs installed. A grab rail was fitted adjacent to the fence and gate. The large stone step was reinstated.

Tod Centenary Way link path near The Wizard.

A safer stile near The Wizard.

We then moved on to look at stiles on a nearby footpath, Todmorden 021, which had previously been included on the Todmorden "to do" list. A few minor improvements were made to the stiles and measurements were taken of one stile, above the smoot-hole field, which may need some repairs in the future . . .  subject to available funding.

We will also go back to this footpath in the near future to improve the way marking between Windy Harbour and Higher Winsley Farm.

On Tod 021. To be repaired, possibly, at a later date.

Many thanks to the residents of Windy Harbour who allowed us to park off the road in one of their gateways. 

Funding for this work has come from Todmorden Town Council - many thanks.