Wednesday, 12 January 2022


Dark Lane:

Dark Lane, starting from near the bottom of Midgley Road, runs high above Foster Clough to reach Stoney Lane which rises up to Height Road. Ray and Ian S tackled two repair tasks.

Task 1: Dog gate.

The dog gate adjacent to a stile had been damaged. Missing parts were replaced and a new 'lift rail' with grab cord was installed.

The perspective here is deceptive - the gap is much bigger than it appears to be . . . 

. . . and here's the proof!

(N.B. No Lakeland Terrier- Collie mix-breeds were harmed during this photoshoot!)

Task 2: Gate repair

These scraps of timber are the remnants of a gate! 

Ian S is measuring up the gateway width for a gate re-build.

That's the gateway . . . but can the gate be re-created . . . ?

. . . Never in doubt! Gate fitted with closure loop.

Then it was up to Midgley for a survey of some jobs in the Chapel Lane area . . . more of which in the next week or so!

Today's work was funded by local donations to CROWS. Many thanks.