Wednesday, 9 June 2021


Paul and Stella after acting as Sherpa's to Frank and Ray's stile preparations, worked on three sites in the same area.

Site 1: Purprise: the ROW goes through the farmyard and out via the back garden, so accurate way marking is essential to keep walkers on the correct path. A finger post was re-erected and a small marker added to assist in this.

Site 2: Middle Dean Wood - A fallen waymark post rotted at both ends was trimmed and reused at the junction of two paths.

Site 3: Bridge Clough - path leading from the footbridge. Drainage issues here are a perennial problem to walkers and well known to CROWS volunteers. We made a start by digging a fresh drainage channel where water was seeping onto the path causing a quagmire. We also cut back the vegetation by the wall (mainly bracken) to widen the passageway for walkers to get through. Another day's work here...