Monday, 5 April 2021

TODMORDEN: Daisy Bank Clough

 Daisy Bank Clough:

i) Preparatory work for steps.

At the start of the day the temperature was hovering around freezing but Mick and Frank H, engaged in energetic work in a sheltered location, soon warmed up and had to shed a layer or two!

Here's the situation:

This is the path leading up from the southern end of the footbridge that we constructed last week

The 'path' heads up towards a marker pole which is just visible at the top of the slope but the right-hand edge is in danger of collapsing down the steep banking into the Clough.

As the picture shows, the plan is to cut the path  back into the left-hand side of the banking and then install steps.

The cutting back has been done and the spoil used to consolidated the weaker right-hand side of the banking.
Approximate positions for risers and tread platforms have been fashioned.

Meanwhile at the northern end of the footbridge, Mick was similarly preparing the ground for a few steps that will lead up to a small stile.

Unfortunately no pictures are available of his strenuous efforts (sorry, Mick) but this is the peaceful view that he was able to admire for most of the day.

Step-builders from CROWS will finish these jobs in the next few weeks.

ii) Basic boardwalk

Towards the end of the session, we re-stablised a short 'boardwalk' across a boggy patch.

The basic timber for the boardwalk was already there so after levelling-up the bearers and planks, we drove home four stobs and secured all-round:- stobs nailed to planks and planks nailed to bearers.

It is now a safe, stable 'crossing' in what is a very marshy area!