Wednesday, 7 April 2021

CHISERLEY: above Old Laithe

 Old Laithe: Revetment work

Paul, Ian S and Frank H continued the task of trying to improve the footpath and drainage on the right-of-way above Old Laithe.

Here is the original condition of the path.

This moorland path has been heavily eroded. 

The plan is to create a drainage channel down the left-hand side and improve the path (such as it is!) on the right-hand side.

Today's task was to add to the two sections of revetment that were installed in mid March.


Above: Start of the session - revetment rails being aligned then anchored with stobs.

The ground conditions were stony so driving pilot holes for stobs was difficult . . . . and energy sapping! 

Eventually however, we anchored each revetment section with 4 stobs and packed the rail, as needed, both on the path side and underneath. 

Meanwhile, further up the right-of -way, in a strenuous solo effort, Ian sorted out a troublesome section of the path that needed only a short length of revetment but an extensive amount of digging out and levelling.

By the end of what was a cold but pleasantly sunny day we were pleased to have made a difference! The path has been widened, its surface improved and its edge protected from collapse by a revetment which forms one side of a drainage channel for South Pennine downpours.

Today's work on this popular path was funded by Wadsworth Parish Council.