Wednesday, 10 February 2021

LOCKDOWN 3: Lockdown continues & so do our surveys and waymarkng

 Another beautiful day for a socially-distanced survey and waymarking walk.  Ian V and Stella walked section 7 of the Calderdale Way, Blackshaw Head to Heptonstall.  We started from the bottom of Jumble Hole and walked up the Clough on link path (N) to Hippins, followed the Calderdale Way over the tops surrounded by long, clear snowy views, and finished by walking down link path (O) from Heptonstall to Hebden Bridge.

Several waymarks were added or replaced and finger posts cleaned.  We identified some work to be done which will improve the section high above the valley from Lumb Bank to Heptonstall.

Great day to be out!

Staups Mill, always magical

Jumble Hole Clough in fairy glen mode

'Brushing off a finger post at Hippins

Adding a waymark at a junction to avoid confusion