Monday, 4 January 2021


 Ginny and Ian V replaced two posts that had gone missing on the Ted Hughes trail above Height Road. Very cold and icy underfoot but we soon got to work replacing the first post. 

Hole digging for the first post

We found the the first post which had been tossed into a nearby ditch and it was soon securely installed.  

The retrieved post before and after its resurrection

We then slowly made our way up over the icy terrain past Churn Milk Joan and towards the trig point where the second post had gone missing. This one couldn't be found so we had to use a new one that we had carried up. After hole digging and much searching for loose stone to compact around the pole to make it firm, the post was installed. By this time fingers were numb, it was time for lunch and also time to head off back to the base - enough for one day!

The second post above Churn Milk Joan

This work was funded by Huddersfield University Ted Hughes Trails project