Wednesday, 18 November 2020


1. Checking Paths

 'Walks around Midgley Village' - 'Midgley and The Rochdale Canal' (walk 3).

Starting from the Midgley shop the path left the main road, went up Green Lane, then downhill into Kershaw Estate and through to a path that led down a steep banking to the main A646 road and the canal at Luddenden Foot. After a mile of canal towpath towards Mytholmroyd, the route turned right, re-crossed the road, went upwards past Brearley House and steeply up to Midgley Road before returning to the village centre.

Various bits and pieces to sort out including; rotten stile posts, lots of cutting back on stretches of  the pathway (including steps) through woodland, fallen tree covering path to clear, and a gaping hole in the retaining wall by some steps. Paul.

Dodgy stile

Where's the path?

Overgrown steps

2. Depot Tasks:

There's always lots of 'end of the volunteering day' maintenance, but with no on-site work at the moment we have an opportunity to be more thorough with depot tasks.

Ken had already replaced the brushes in the mitre power saw; re-ground the chisel edges on all the heavy bars; cut a supply of standard stobs; re-fitted (permanently) the vacuum cleaner extractor hose to the mitre power saw; found a spare hose that would fit the vacuum cleaner for general 'vacuuming' and started servicing the 'fuel type' strimmer.

Frank H & Lynda: cleaned and sharpened all shears and slashers; repaired some shears; re-charged all 7.2 V & 10.8 V drill batteries; shaped and painted the tops of some standard marker posts; cleaned up (& oiled) all spades, rakes & forks; repaired a door fastener; painted a 'depth marker' band on all heavy bars . . . and left a long list of other 'housekeeping' jobs on the information board!

No pictures - a clean spade has limited photogenic appeal!