Friday, 7 February 2020


Several groups out today.

Mo and Nigel worked on the path above the far end of the reservoir. There are several paths here, but this one went straight up through the small conifer plantation before joining the Calderdale Way.

The stile here is still in good condition but the fence around it is in a sorry state. 
We cut the loose wire that was hanging around 

Nigel pointing to the stones that had fallen off the wall in front of the stile.
We heaved them to the side so that people had a clearer path

We did a lot of trimming back of the conifers but forgot to take photos!
This one was two huge branches blocking the path before we sawed them off. It took a long time with bowsaws.

We didn't know how to move these huge branches but decided that the best way was to heave them over the wall. The photo doesn't do justice to their size and weight

Work funded by donations to CROWS