Friday, October 5, 2018


Several teams out today


Ken, Gerald and Nigel responded to a report from a local horse rider that there was a blockage on a public bridleway below Greave House in the Kershaw area of Luddendenfoot. The following photos show how overgrown the route had become.

When we arrived we found that the main reported blockage, a small dead tree, had already been removed by persons unknown, but there was still a large amount of clearance work to do as the following "after" photos show.

We even unearthed a short length of flagged bridleway.

A good half-day's work achieved by 3 people, with a few loppers and shears, giving adequate headroom for horse and rider.

Hardcastle Crags

Tristan and Frank H ventured into the slippery depths of Hawden Hole Woods for half-a-day of tackling a particularly problematic couple of steps.

Here's where we left off on Wednesday. It doesn't look much from this angle but the step down from the third riser onto the rock step is significant.

Steps before remedial work: an extra step is needed part way along the central rock.

Unfortunately difficult ground conditions (i.e. a rock!) made it almost impossible to drive in the stobs. However, by constructing a 'suspended' step (easier said than done!) we have:

Work in progress: extra step (in-fill yet to be added) created on rock area.
The step is held in place by sidepieces and by 'token' stobs.
We then did in-fill work, added some landscaping and fitted another equally tricky step at the top of this flight. Unfortunately conditions were so humid that the pictures were too heavily fogged to be worth showing.
More of the same next week but with sharper pictures . . .  and perhaps a sharper photographer!

Daisy Bank

Ginny and Frank S did some drainage work on Daisy Bank and reviewed the extensive work still required on this ever-deteriorating path.

We cleared some steps of the mulch which was causing them to rot and did some more path widening.

We also prepared 3 job sheets for work to be started on 19th October!

Meanwhile Lynda and Eleanor first tackled some serious brambles blocking the start of the Sam Hill E-trail

Now you can get through without being snagged to death.
 Then they went on to check the state of a footpath on the Calderdale Way reported by a
member of the public as needing a scrape. It was as dry as a bone! However, we will return later in the year to see what its like then.