Friday, September 7, 2018


4 teams today

Tristan and Nigel did various tasks on Todmorden 141 path which leads up to Allescholes above Walsden, following some work done last year.  They replaced some of the rotten step risers and stobs on the first part of the path leading up from the valley bottom. The photos are all "afters" as we got stuck in to work fairly vigorously and forgot to take "befores".

The lowest step here replaced

A complex arrangement of steps and side revetments on a steep corner of the path


Lowest step here replaced

A replaced step and a lot of cutting back of bracken and bramble and balsam clearance was needed near the top of the slope. A few smaller tree branches were also cleared from the path.

Tristan said he enjoyed and learned a lot from the day, though not sure he had the best teacher.   

Meanwhile Ken and Peter put in some steps and improved the Tod Centenary Way on Todmorden 143 below Allescholes.

This work was funded by Crook Hill Community Benefit Fund.

Ginny and Linda worked on the opposite hillside to clear a path going up the hillside from the canal at Warland (Todmorden 145).

Hard to find among the bracken

but a bit clearer when we'd finished.

Finally, Mick and Gerald went back to the Pennine Way above Hebble Hole to finish off the gravel spreading on the steps. Finally finished.