Wednesday, August 1, 2018



Bernard, Dick, Gerald, Paul, RJ and Stuart made their 3rd and final visit to "The Jungle".
First there was ditching:

Ditch 'before'

. . . . some time later . . . .

Ditch 'after'.

Then there was cutting back.This was done by hand to avoid any damage to residents' water supply

Area 'before'.

. . . . some time later . . . .

Area 'after'

And also, for most of the day, the two strimmers were in action:

Is this a path or a jungle?

It's a path now!

Well done everyone.

Meanwhile, in Hardcastle Crags, Fred and Frank H were continuing the step construction from last week.
Mmm! If Plan A fails, it's always useful to have a Plan B . . . or in our case a Plan C swiftly followed by a Plan D!

Plan A was to continue the line from the highest two steps that were carefully put in place last week. A few strikes of the bar to make stob holes revealed a large rock slab exactly where the riser needed to be! Abandon Plan A.
Plan B was to shift the line of the steps to take advantage of a minor crack in the rock slab. Attempts to enlarge the crack failed, although the earth (i.e. the whole planet) did seem to move slightly! Abandon Plan B.
Plan C was to drill the rock slab and pin the riser with metal rods. Unfortunately the gritstone slab was particularly uncooperative even when threatened with a brand new masonry bit fitted to a hammer drill on full power! Abandon Plan C.

Hence, Plan D. . . . . Knock out the two steps from last week and re-align the whole sequence. Happily, this worked. Hooray! So we have:

Area where steps need to be.

Some time later . . . . five steps in place:

Work in progress!
Towards the end of the day:

Six steps in place and natural timber used as revetment.

Next week we need to: fill and consolidate the tread areas of these steps; do a minor amount of landscaping and start on the final flight of about seven steps that will go up the last section of slope. That's Plan A . . . but . . . !! Watch this space!