Wednesday, 2 May 2018


A wet start to the day but fortunately the rain petered out by the time CALVAG's wagon arrived to transport a significant amount of timber and tools up to Bell House:- the Erringden Moor boardwalk project was underway! CROWS volunteers comprised Bernard, Dick, Fred, Frank H, Gerald, Graham, Ken, RJ, Ruth, Stella and Stuart.

Boardwalk kits and tools ready to go.

New three-way signpost.

CALVAG's nearly all-terrain vehicle and driver Jack watched over by
'tool-maister' Dick. 

Loading up.

The CALVAG vehicle (wagon-master, Jack), one car (intrepid driver, Dick) and one van (even more intrepid driver, Ken) went all the way to Bell House along a track suitable only for the most robust of suspensions. Those in Bernard's car took a more sensible option but had a longer walk and Stella, with true pioneering spirit, trekked across the moor from Horsehold (Mmm! Impressive!).

Arrival at Bell House.

Waiting for the ropes to come off.

Unloading the long stringers. 

A two-person carry.

The CROWS team for the day:- eager for lunch!.

Most CROWS pitched into clearing drainage channels, signage and heavy duty carrying (thanks RJ and Fred)

Drainage works alongside the diverted path.

The first long carry.

Many more to follow.

 Gerald, Frank H, Ken and Stuart started on a boardwalk construction at site 1 (aka SD 992 248 ...  or 'somewhere in the South Pennines'!).

Site 1: before boardwalk installed

Stuart and Gerald nailing the cross-decking to the stringers. An easy task once you have worked out what the word parallel means!
Frank H hammering home the supporting stobs:- a interesting spectator sport!.

Looking North towards the novelty of blue skies!

The boardwalk nearly completed. It's level* safe and secure but one or two 'finishing-off' items will be needed next week.

But why level*? Some time was spent trying to get the boardwalk levelled both laterally and lengthways. This proved to be uncharacteristically difficult until we realised the problem was not the timbers, not the ground and not us but a wayward spirit level! The latter is now in the bin and the boardwalk is as level as it looks in the picture.

So it's one down and eleven to go; all involving long carries (thank you volunteers!).
And what is the quote this time? Well, you'll have to wait two weeks for a translation because I'm going dry-stone walling in the Lake District, but for those with language skills, have a puzzle over this. . . we're open to offers!

"Wochin auch das Auge blicket.
Moor und Heide nur ringsum.
Vogelsang uns nicht erquicket
Eichen stehen kahl und krumm"

 (Die Moorsoldaten: J. Esser and W. Langhoff: Borgermoor, 1933) 

Offering number 1 (extended to 6 lines to include a local theme):

Wherever the eye blunts
Moor and Heath only abound
The Ghost of Hartley does not quiz
Oak trees stand bare and crooked
This former Training ground for Coiners
Put to a more benign use

Other suggested translations on a postcard to enter the Prize Draw. Ed