Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A lovely day in Hardcastle Crags

Well it hailed, sleeted and rained but we had a good day working on the path from Gibson Mill to Stones Hey. There were several drainage issues on the path as well as a marker post needed.

 One of the many turn-bys we put in to take water off the path

Four sets of steps cleared and a couple of flights of cut steps installed.

 Under loads of leaf litter, there was a good surface - at least you can see where the path goes now.

Now this might not look much, but there's a pipe under the path to take the water away and a stone silt trap installed, that should sort it!

There was a need for a sign post as the footpath up to Slack was easy to miss.

Much of the other work was also drainage and in some places footpath widening.

 The footpath down from Slack had a very dangerous slippery slope into which we tried to cut some steps to give at least some basic safety.

Just as we finished we had our first walker who was very positive about our efforts.

 The final section of the day was clearing the path of mud just as it joins the road.

A couple of before and after photos