Friday, September 12, 2014

Location : Path at Mill Bank part of Calderdale Way and Sam Hill Trail
CROWS : Ruth, Trish, Gerald, Peter and Terry (with Bernard supervising)
Task : to widen and level a part of the footpath which had become uneven and dangerous, create a new step to a stile and clear a flight of stone steps.

Walkers using the path had created a deep groove in the centre of the path which had become overgrown. As a result people were having to straddle the two edges of the groove.

The solution was to widen the path to the level of the groove as use the resulting sods and soil to infill and level the path.

The resulting widened path was then tampered to create a wider level footpath.

We 'built' a new stone step to lessen the height of the step.

 Meanwhile further down the path Trish and Ruth cleared the flight of stone steps of ingrowing grass.