Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Causey stone path at Blackshawhead

The path runs between the road at Blackshaw and Bullion Farm and is part of the Calderdale Way.
The top half  was overgrown with most of the stones covered up

 The path before we started work on it

 The path after work. We still need to do a bit more at both ends to finish it off

The next problem was a very wet section of path, given that there are some causey stones at the start we figured they would follow the path route and the wetness would go if we uncovered them. Well, wrong the causey stone path follows a route to the left of the path.

 here is the line of the path - no signs of the causey path

Here is half the causey path uncovered

We will come back and finish it off next week. Thanks to Blackshaw Parish Council for funding the project.