Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Location : Hardcastle Crags
CROWS : Dick, Dave, Bernard, Graham, Gerald, Fred and Terry
Task : Digging into river banking to create a footpath and then fixing steps with revetment to the river side.
Fred and Gerald worked on the footpath down by the river where the recent floods had undercut the banking.

 A level area was cleared on which to site the steps.

Revetment was fixed to the side to stabalise the banking and give an 'edge' to the steps.

The banking was sloped a little but this will need more work next week.

Stones and soil from the widening process was kept for filling in the steps.

 Steps were fixed in place edged by the revetment.

12 steps in all were built on this first section of the path repairs.

The footpath access to the steps was greatly improved by filling in the gaps which had been damaged by the floods.

The top section of the path was levelled ready for more revetment being fixed next week.