Friday, July 18, 2014

Hollin Hey Mytholmroyd
CROWS : Barbara, Peter, Ginny, Ruth, Lynda, Eleanor and Terry

The task involved drainage work which we tried to do first but then thought we had got to go back to the source of the problem higher up the hillside.

As you can see the initial problem was simply mud.

We tried to create some drainage channels and cleared a path down onto some hardcore path foundation.

We thought the issue was seepage down from a path higher up which we then cleared.

As we traced the source of the water it became clear that the origin of the problem was a spring which came out of the hillside further up causing the problem below.

The actual source was just behind the stones Peter placed to divert the water flow.

The idea was to divert the flow down the hill directly and across the path at the bottom.

This meant we had to cut a channel all the way down the hillside.............................

......................across the original path and into a field below.

On the way back Barbara noticed a few signs that were not up to the CROWS standard.

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