Friday, June 13, 2014

Location : Daisy Bank Day 2
CROWs : Linda, Barbara, Peter, Gerald and Terry
Task : to continue with the previous days work

A number of parts to the job. The repair of the stile we started last time. Repair to the second stile further on the path. The drainage of a very muddy section of the path.

Three steps and the top tread had to be replaced and/or repaired.

We found that the second stile had been 'repaired', we assume by the farmer. Two new fence posts and a length of barbed wire. We tried to make it more 'friendly' by burring over the sharp edges but decided on no other work.

The next job was the clearing of the footpath, many sections of which were overgrown with grass and heather.

The final job was to solve the drainage problem causing a very muddy section of path. We decided to do this by creating a drainage channel lined by stones and creating an elevated section of pathway.

By the gate we uncovered the drain and created a route for the water to to run into this.

 The footpath sign was cleaned to complete a good days work.