Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 Location : Redacre Wood
Task : A job of clearing a path, widening that path, putting in 14 steps and infilling + widening path and fitting 3 lengths of revetment.
7 volunteers, one days work.

As you can see the original path is overgrown and covered in rubbish and plastic bags perhaps from the houses nearby.

The first job was to clear and widen the path.

The steps were then laid out to give us an idea of the job as a whole.

 The first of the steps are placed in situ.

In the meantime others in the group started on the revetment.

The final touch being a coating of soil from a pit in the hillside.

The steps were in filled with soil from the same source.

Here is the team involved.

This is the last volunteer to clear the path. We found him in the undergrowth.