Friday, April 11, 2014

Location : 901 Bus Walk Ryburn
CROWS : Lynda, Eleanor, Ruth, Graham, Gerald, Fred, and Trish
Task : clearing riverside footpath, checking steps and stile

                                            Briefing Huddle to allocate tasks for the day session.
                                                     Cleared steps at Hutch Brook Bridge.
                                    Ruth crossing newly way-marked stile at Lower Wormald.
                                       Cleared steps at Beeston Hall Bridge crossing the Ryburn.
                                                    Improved stretch of path beside the river.
                                                                    Riverside section.
                                           Fred and Gerald ditching on the reservoir side path.
                                                                 Great improvement.
                                                       The last leg, nearly time to go home.
                            Great picnic spot on the way round looking towards Great Manshead.
                                           Spotted on the way, Peacock Butterfly on Willow.
                                                      Wood Mouse on the woodland edge.