Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Location : Barkisland
CROWS : Dave, Bernard, Eleanor, Dave, Richard J, Bernard and Richard P.
Task : repairing boardwalks and kissing gate and general footpath maintenance

On site Meeting to sort the tasks until we were interrupted twice
by a lorry unloading its plastic pellets used to make Yogurt pots.

Richard remembers this mess whilst surveying last year with the Nomad.

Path washed away after scouring by cattle.
But there was an old boardwalk that we could repair and resite.

Sorting some large stones to use as a bed for the boardwalk
Bernard and Terry spent some cool moments in the river.

Large stones from the river bed in transit via Bernard and Dave.

Terry planning the boardwalk piers.

Pegging into place.

Replacing a couple of split planks, it will soon be as good as new.


Next problem, same solution.

Needs a bit of TLC.
Looks a bit like a Bar code from above but the CROWS can
live with it.

Bernard clearing up.

Nearly finished.

We sorted out this kissing gate at the same time
removing mud and lining with stone flags.