Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Final day at Redmans Dam

A final push to finish off the work on this site prior to Xmas and perhaps some bad weather.

The first job was to put up a handrail on the downward section of the steps.

The next job was to clear out the steps and fill with hardcore to stop the steps being slippery.

As this seemed successful the team then set out to do the same on the upward set of steps.

Again the steps were levelled and filled with hardcore.

In response to an elderly path user we then widened the path and put in a kick board to make the path more user friendly in this section.

 Finally, Dave and Gerald had the hard job of drilling into concrete to erect this section of handrail.

 A good days work to complete the major works at Redman Dam.

PS We had a number of resident walkers come by and thank us for our efforts. Makes up for the noisy man on the river bank when we started.