Friday, December 20, 2013

Just to prove that some of us could still work the morning after the Xmas do!!!

More work on the path at Cragg Vale we started earlier.

A few single steps were needed at the top of the path leading up to the road.

Previous steps were uncovered and repaired.

This is how they started rough, uneven and overgrown.

So firstly we cleared away all the grass which had overgrown.

As you can see some needed some TLC.

A number of the steps needed filling in.

This was done with gravel brought up from the river below.

Some of the stone steps needed repairing and in some cases replacing.

The wall itself needed some repairs to make it safe.

There is still work to be done especially at the bottom of the flight of steps we repaired to the top of the flight of stone steps. More steps need to be created to make the top section of this footpath safe.