Friday, March 2, 2018


Hardcastle Crags still being under snow and thanks to the canal towpath and the 592 bus, six people made it to White Ribbon for a light work-out.

Ginny on measuring, nailing and lugging timber,
Ken stapling all day (couldn't stop him),
Gerald finishing hand crafted marker posts, stapling and decanting staples,
Frank 'Royd' on sawing, drilling, stacking neatly and providing ginger cake,
Nigel on sawing and drilling
Rich getting milk for the tea, unloading the CALVAG truck and trying to fix an iced up drain (unsuccessfully).

It might not look much but this is 226 boardwalk slats all cut, drilled, stapled and stacked to dry
Only about another 50 to go. With a bit of luck they should dry out over the next two months so will become much lighter. The significance of this is that the slats and timber beams will have to be transported across Erringden Moor from Bell House. This is 'The Big Carry' where we need all our friends to come up and help. More information on our website.