Wednesday, January 3, 2018

HARDCASTLE CRAGS (Slurring Rock Path)

Bernard, Dave, Dick, RJ and Frank laboured on widening and levelling a path that linked two sections of the 'Red route'. Most of the work involving spade, azad or mattock was on steep(ish) sloping ground.

"To dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig is what we like to do . . . " ('The Dig, dig, dig song':-Traditional pantomime!).

Picture 1a: Typical state of  'path' before

Picture 1b: Typical state of 'path' before (slope is steeper than it looks)

Picture 2a: Path after widening and transverse levelling.

Picture 2b: Path after widening and transverse levelling

Additional work involved improving a stream crossing, measuring-up for construction tasks on the section completed so far and walking out the remainder of this linking path. Lots still to do!
A windy but mainly rain-free day that was warm enough . . . provided that you did not stop digging! Quite a bit of mud . . . so no-one could claim they were Snow-white!