Friday, December 1, 2017


Eleanor, Ruth, Ginny and Lynda widening a footpath off Mytholm Steeps

Precipitous work site!

Easy to slip off the path

Ginny makes a start .....

That's better!

Lynda holding on for dear life as she clears overhanging branches on the wall at top of the slope .. and below the much improved path with Ruth and Lynda modelling ......

But we reckoned that it still needs revetements at the steepest parts to make it safe!

Then we joined the rest of the work party who were working on the Riverside Path and Slurring Rocks Path at Hardcastle Crags digging drainage ditches , clearing gullies and putting in a magnificent box step.

Richard and Nigel worked on the Riverside path in Hardcastle Crags installing a box step near the bottom of a flight where a step was missing.

A section of step waits to go in before some ground preparation

The finished job -2 square frames making a 12 inch rise and covered with tread board-it will get muddy and blend in with time

We then did some drainage work at the top of the steps where water was spilling over the path making it very muddy and causing erosion

Then, joined by the Rawtenstall crew, we dealt with several more drainage issues along the riverside path. There were four major problems on the upper path where water was spilling over the rocks across the path. These were all gullies blocked by silt and leaves. The one in the photo above when unblocked drained a large pond where water had backed up covering part of the footpath