Friday, November 24, 2017


4 groups today

Mick and Gerald were doing small jobs around Todmorden.

Bernard and Ken were finishing off the revetment at Shore.
A further section was added and the path lined with stones to make the boggy surface easier to cross.

Nigel and Ian were sent to clear and repair a steep flight of footpath steps off Allescholes Road in Walsden. Before any work started the scene was of slippery tread surfaces, rotten and missing step risers and revetments resulting in a dangerous and difficult path to negotiate.

So the first job was to clear the steps of weeds, brambles and leaves in order to see the work required. Only then could we begin to renew step risers and support posts in order to make the steps far easier and safer.

Rich, Eleanor, Lynda and Ginny were clearing paths in Rawtonstall Wood.

One of the very overgrown paths

After a severe cutting back

Lots of mulch to scrape off

Boardwalk being cleared of moss and vegetation