Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Bernard, Fred and Richard J continued on clearing drain on Trimmer Lane - a much bigger job than we were expecting, so return visit mob-handed needed!

There is a drain in here somewhere!

Now you can see it

Dick, Gerald, Dave, Frank, Stella, Rich, Paul, Graham and Stuart worked on the Pennine Way at Colden.

The first job was to finish off clearing the stone slabs - they look great.

The completed slabs

 Lower down there was water running over the path on to the steps so we put in a drain into the channel in the neighbouring field.

Water pouring down the path

The step edges had become overgrown so that they were now very narrow. They needed clearing so that aggregate could be put down (probably in the Spring).

Overgrown and flooded steps

Fitting flexi-drain pipe to take water to an adjacent drain ditch.
Flagstones being re fitted.
Looks better with the hidden drain.

All cleared
                      Couple of the step risers need replacing and a tread-board higher up is shot.