Wednesday, February 28, 2018


A cold, snowy day with early morning blizzard conditions.

'The light of dawn was fading fast
As through a Pennine village passed
A "vol" who bore, mid' snow and ice,
A banner with this strange device.
(Apologies for this parody. For the fate of the youth in the poem, see "Excelsior" by H.W. Longfellow)

In reality, those within walking distance (or on a good bus route) braved what we used to call 'winter conditions' to get to the depot.
Once there, Frank H, Stella, Paul, Gerald and Rich set up a production line to begin preparing the materials for the Erringden Moor boardwalks.

Gerald measuring up the timber to cut up into slats

Frank at the saw

Stella using the template and hammering in the staples which will provide grip (later joined by Paul)
Rich drilling the nailing holes
80 completed, 250 to go!
Meanwhile in a spare moment Gerald and Frank prepared marker posts that are also part of the project

Gerald cutting the chamfered top on the marker posts

. . . and then an ice covered timber delivery from CALVAG arrived, for the next session on Friday.

The aim is to get all the timbers cut and prepared before being delivered up to Bell House. From there we hope to transfer the timber to the work sites using runners, walkers and friends - the Big Carry.